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McGrath X3 Digital Deadbolt

 The ML-X3 has a simple installation process as it can fit in place of a 54mm hole or retro fit into an existing keyed deadbolt, the flexibility of the ML-X3 is that it is supplied with an adjustable 60mm to 70mm deadbolt. It also works with the TT lock APP that provides the ability to manage all E-keys, pin codes, RFID cards/fobs and fingerprints. An audit trail is provided in the TTlock APP records. You can also grant and control access to family, friends, client, or tradesmen. It allows you to grant access for weeks, days or hours, and modify or remove access as needed, all at your discretion. It can also be Wi-Fi enabled which allows remote access via the G2 gateway.

  • Battery Lifetime -100,000 Opening Test, 12 months
  • Unlocking Method – Passwords, Bluetooth, Card, WiFi, Fingerprint
  • Colour – Silver, Black
  • Length of password – 4-9 Digits
  • Emergency Opening – Mechanical Key, USB Type C (Power bank)
  • Passage mode – Yes
  • Fingerprint Capacity – 100sets
  • Code Capacity – 300 Codes
  • Card Capacity – 1,000 Cards
  • Battery & Lifetime – 4 x1.5VAA Batteries
  • Lock Type – Adjustable Deadbolt 60mm/70mm
  • IP Class – (IP65 External Lock Housing)
  • Communication mode – Bluetooth 5.0 BLE and above
  • Low battery warning voltage – lower than 4.8V
  • Type – Wooden Door, Aluminium Door, Hollow Core door
  • Door Thickness – Standard 35mm-50mm

Ideal to install above or below an existing handle or lock on residential or commercial properties.

Available in black or silver.

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